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Our Mission

An Initiative for the Welfare of Indian Farmers to increase annual yield and promote their revenue

Enable Higher & Sustainable Crop Yield

Training Farmers to Practice Independent Farming

Transformation from myth and Belief Based Farming to Scientific Farming

Measuring Our Dedication

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Our Services

  • Agri Business Center

    Agri Business Centre (ABC) is an agri clinic where farmers can obtain farm care inputs along with farm services. Not all farmers can afford to purchase farm equipment and machinery.

  • Agri Expert on Phone

    Kalpavriksha provides extended support to farmers through the Kalpavriksha Call Care Centre. These services are available on all days, including Sundays.

  • Kalpavriksha Knowledge Center

    Kalpavriksha Knowledge Centre (KKC), as the name suggests, would be a centre of excellence the ones developed by the Parachute Kalpavriksha Foundation in Perundurai.

  • Water Conservation

    Water is one of the most precious resources we have on this earth, and it is under increasing stress. Parachute Kalpavriksha Foundation has taken multiple initiatives in this area that have led to a positive impact.

  • Productivity Improvement Programme

    The Productivity Improvement Programme aims to help the farmers improve their yields, thus enhancing their income and improving their livelihood. Our agronomists visit the farmers enrolled in this programme once a month.

Farmer Testimonials

We stood by them to increase their yield and revenue

R.Thiripurasundari, Goundenpudhur
Kumar, Pollachi
Ravi, Coimbatore

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